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     I'm Speaker Linda J. Polley.   I'm an internationally known psychic now working out of Ellsworth, Maine.  

Speaker Linda Polley

    I'm known most for channeling new music by famous composers in The Afterlife and because of this appearing on ABC TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" four times in 2,004 singing these songs with my husband of 40 years, Speaker Gerald A. Polley, who was also an internationally known psychic.   However for years we were also well known for "Here's Jesus!" a self produced web cam video show during which Gerald channeled the Spirit of Jesus Of Nazareth Called The Christ and He answered questions from myself and our fans as He was interviewed by me.  In other words Gerald let Jesus borrow his body to accomplish this and speak through him.   We lived in North Dakota at the time, either in Fargo or Bismarck.  We filmed an episode for almost every business day of the week.  There were also a fewyears from 2,002 to 2,004 where there were audio episodes only, that later Gerald put together as videos using some of his art work as the video portions.  Though we're not Christians, but Spiritists, we work with God & Jesus toward a common goal, saving the world from demons, creatures of Darkness who would do almost anything to take it over by controlling their minions in the material world, basically saving the world in general.

Linda And Jesus

   Though several terrible things have happened since one of them being Gerald's death from colorectal cancer on July 4, 2,012, I'm trying to keep our spiritual Work alive as long as I can.  I am now 63 and am not only trying to publish the History of Spiritism, our religion that he channeled on our web site I am trying to keep "Here's Jesus!" available to the public ad free.  The series ended in 2,008 due to Gerald's presidential campaign.  God The Father Himself had asked him to run!  Well, you know how that turned out, though he did get some interest.  He even ran again in 2012, and his campaign ended with his death at 65.   We were married for 40 years.   

    This new "Here's Jesus!" web site is a work in progress as I am compiling everything I have from this series and present it to the public the best way I know how with my limited web site editing skills.  Fortunately Those in The Afterlife love my HTML abilities, and say that They prefer to keep our web sites simple, easy to read and quick to load.  

    I hope you'll check back when you can and see if I've added more material.  I appreciate your interest.  The links to the "Here's Jesus!" material are below.

Speaker Linda J. Polley
March 24, 2,015

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To Read The Transcripts Of "Here's Jesus!"
From 2,002 & 2,003
Some Will Feature Video Links.

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To Read The Transcripts Of "Here's Jesus!"
From 2,004 To 2,008.
Some Will Feature Video Links.


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**October 1, 2,008**

Speaker Gerald Polley ended his first presidential campaign because Jesus has resigned!
Click Here to read His official resignation that has been sent to President Bush.


For more information about what has happened in The Afterlife during the "Here's Jesus!" era, check out The Polleys' online magazine,

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